Top Places to Eat on a Budget in Dublin

If, like most in this current climate, you like to eat out but can’t afford most pricey restaurants there are still plenty of options for good grub in Dublin’s fair city.

Top of my personal List is:


boojumMy favourite Mexican restaurant in Dublin, it’s cheap and you won’t be looking for another meal anytime soon after you have one of their monster Burritos and Fajitas. Their Burritos are the size of your head and you get to pick exactly what meat, rice, salsa, beans, peppers, cheese and sauces go in to your burrito, it’s all made to your taste.

I personally have an ‘irish-tongue’ as I’d call it and can’t exactly handle anything too spicy so this is great as I get to decide how spicy (if even at all) my burrito is. They even have vegetarian options. With all the fillings and no extras it’s an amazing €6.25.


CornucopiaIf you’re one of those “fussy eaters” then Cornucopia is for you. Seriously, they have an amazing menu of vegetarian and vegan meals. No meat on the menu. Perfect for the leaf eater traveler or a light lunch. We urge that even if you eat meat that this place is banging for top quality munch.

Gluten free, lactose free, nut free! The owners and cooks are very conscious of customers’ dietary needs and produce lovely meals. They also have an organic wine list and host talks on nutritional and environmental eating.


O'Shea's DublinO’Shea’s is the best, nearest, place for a quick bite if you’re fresh off the boat and looking for some fuel. 2 minute walk from the hostel, it will tick all the boxes generally for all meals across the board. Irish Breakfast (eg Hangover delight) to a low cost soup and sandwich deal at lunch to your standard a la carte menu.  Your first stop HAS to be the chicken wings. All of the above things mentioned are €10.oo and under. O’sheas are also capable to take big groups. Great pint too! Irish Traditional Music. It’s a no brainer really.


Jimmy Chungs

Jimmy Chung's DublinThis Chinese restaurant I can only ever go to with at least a days notice (to fast before the gorging begins). When they say ‘All you can eat’ they are not lying, as I’ve found out. I have personally and shamefully had more than I’d like to admit in one sitting. The food is soo good you just have to get up for another helping…of EVERYTHING! And my favourite part is their ice-cream machine complimented with all of their delicious caramel and chocolate toppings.

Their ‘All you can eat’ dinners during the week will cost you €13.90 but you will not be going hungry for days after as long as you fully take advantage of the buffet.

Thai Spice

Thai Spice DublinThis is my favourite Thai restaurant in all of Dublin. Everything on their menu is soo good it makes it hard to choose. It is conveniently located just across the road from JacobsInn and I have had one too many lunches from there (for research purposes of course!). And for around €9.00 for a main course it is well worth a try. I’ve even found their main courses are enough for two people if you’re really tryna be tight with the purse strings (as I often am).

Your Hostel employed guide to good food, Elaine J