What to do on a Rainy Day in Dublin

Dublin is no stranger to bad weather so (as a home-grown Dubliner) knowing the best places to avoid those pesky wet days is key to living in this city.  I’ll let you in on the best ones if you’re nice.

Museums If you’re here in Dublin as a Tourist then you gotta get the main sights outta the way and also soak in some Irish history and culture. Museums owned by the Irish government are all free and are a perfect hiding place  from the weather. Kilmainham Gaol; Now a museum, Kilmainham was of great importance to Irish history. Many leaders of the Irish rebellion were interned and some executed here. It was also the setting for the prison scenes in 1969 film, The Italian Job. The National Museum of Ireland; There are three departments of the National in Dublin, The Archaeology department of Kildare Street, The Decorative Arts and History in the Collins Barracks, and Natural History Museum in Merrion Street. The Irish Museum of Modern Art is host to great artist exhibitions. It currently holds a collection of Eileen Gray works that the Irish Times call ‘Superb’ and ‘Eye-opening’.

Tours You can’t say you’ve been to Dublin and not do the some of the most popular Tours we have, so here is the most booked and well reviewed by some of our guests: Guinness Storehouse; Be taught how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness in the birthplace of the national drink. The Old Jameson’s Distillery; be guided around the now defunct distillery and learn about the art of Irish whiskey, complete with Whiskey tasting and all the brown stuff you can afford to take home with you. Viking Splash Tour; A tour round Dublin in an amphibious vehicle which is ironically very dry.

Cafés Taking a break from sight-seeing but it’s too early for a pint, then you’ll want to stop off for a re-energising coffee.  My top picks: Twisted Pepper, Calzone Café, Taste Café, Lemon Jelly (on the Millennium Walkway), Le Petit Parisien, Starbucks (on College Green) and Cornucopia.

Beer-gardens I personally love a good beer-garden (as a smoker I detest standing in rainy doorways trying to have a smoke) so here, in my opinion, is some of Dublin’s finest beer-gardens to keep you sheltered as you enjoy a real Irish Guinness: The Longstone Pub, The Living Room, O’Neill’s, The Mercantile, Cassidy’s, O’Donoghue’s and The Grand Social.

PS Failing all that we have no lock out at Isaacs, so you can just chill in the common rooms  – just flirt with us and keep us happy!!


elaine Elaine J