5 Must-Do Things in Dublin

Ah, my fair auld city of Dublin! Boasting a population with a healthy mix of drunkards and bards, Dublin is crammed full of people and places of interest. In fact, it’s so full of interesting things to do, that it’s almost impossible to decide what you, the backpacker, should do while you reside at Isaacs.

Don’t pack your bags and decide to leave because the thought of making a decision hurts your head – listen to me instead. I’m smart. And handsome.

1. Walking Tour

What’s important to the traveller on a budget is getting as much as you possibly can for as little money as one could bleed from a stone. Look no further! The free walking tour offered by Dublin’s Best Hostels has everything you could want, and more.*

 Their experienced guides will take you through the fair streets of Dublin and tell you its secrets, its stories and its history – all for the rock bottom price of free. What more could you ask for?

2. Kilmainham Gaol

Time to learn something about the history of Dublin’s (and indeed, Ireland’s) identity – but don’t worry, it’s not boring, I promise. There’s even fighting and everything! If you want to know anything about how Ireland came about to be the country it is now, paying the student price of €2 for Kilmainham Gaol is well worth it.   You will learn all about our revolutionaries heroes, the political and penal history of the country, as well as see a location that has been used in many films. What a place!

3. Guinness Storehouse

Now you will have to splash out a bit and spend some money, but when it comes to Ireland, people always think of two things: green and Guinness. Trust me when I say the following: Guinness in Ireland tastes different to Guinness anywhere else in the world. You’re right at the spring, so open your mouth.

The tour around the Storehouse is almost self-guided, meaning that you can take your time to enjoy each step of the brewing process., before ascending to the Sky Bar, pouring your own pint of the black stuff and enjoy it whilst having the best view of the city. Simply magical.

4. Phoenix Park

Now let’s get in some of the green stuff! Phoenix Park is one of the largest parks in Europe, and with the weather in Dublin steadily improving (the rain is warmer), take advantage of it. Home to the President of Ireland, as well lots of wildlife (not in the same house. I think), Phoenix Park is a beautiful, lush landscape. Bring a Frisbee, a camera and try to sneak into the zoo. If you manage to break some of the animals free, prepare for a pleasant a-tiger-is-chasing-me jog.

 5. Hostels Pub crawl

Right! Drinking time! €12 for a free welcome Guinness, a free shot in every bar, VIP sections, drink discounts, free club entry and beer pong. I literally don’t need to say anymore than that.

  …being chased by tigers is scary.

                                                                                                                                                               *made you look