Cheap eats in Dublin for Hungry hostellers

Feeding Time at the Hostel- Read on for our cheap (but good) eats guide for hungry hostellers 

Late Flight and you are arriving at the hostel starving? Early Flight, untimely hangover and need a miracle? Or you have slept in past our free breakfast times and need a nearby option to re-fuel. Here are a few recommendations for the surrounding area. Cheap but impressive options below:

Cheap eating gude in dublin

O’Sheas – 2 minute walk from the hostel, it will tick all the boxes generally for all meals across the board. Irish Breakfast (eg Hangover delight) to a low cost soup and sandwich deal at lunch. To your standard a la carte menu where your first stop HAS to be the chicken wings. All of the above things mentioned are 10.00 Euro and under. O’sheas are also capable to take big groups. Great pint too! Irish Traditional Music. It’s a no brainer really.

celt oub near isaacs hostel Other dinner options would be The Celt for a great meal, a cheeky pint and some craic! Also very close to Jacobs Inn and Isaacs.

Our other staff favourite: This would be Thai Spice, eat in or take away options available. I dare you to check the hostel staff on any given night to not have some remnants or some left over evidence of this guilty pleasure. From Martina and Pawel’s favourite Pad Thai (Amazing) to Kevin and Ronan’s Duck Curry. As for Andy well he has never been one for limitations he’ll eat anything at anytime – he tells me he’s a growing boy. Yet still not tall enough to see over the reception counter. Bless him. Everything is seriously good here. Best Thai restaurant in Dublin I think. Just do it!Cheap but good eating gude dublin

Another hard to go past option is Il Capo Pizza take away on Talbot Street. Now I’m a tough judge, not a lover of fast food at all! To be honest the front of this shop leaves a lot to be desired. They are not pretending to be anything they are not. But let me tell you this: for 5.00 Euro you will get a 9 inch pizza, chips and a drink with 3 toppings of your choice. Now, not to be compared with other competitors in the area, this is really good pizza. Made the traditional way by a real Sicilian chef.

This is what you tell your mom when she calls. „Yes Mum, I’m cooking every night in the self catering kitchen. You wouldn’t believe it. There is a supermarket a stones throw away“ ……

Fruit and Self catering at isaacs hostel  Dublin Vegetable deals that make it hard to justify the 5.00 Euro pizza deal (but you will find a way I’m sure). It is my responsibility to tell you that this is possible. It’s not hard to boil some pasta throw some fresh garlic and tomatoes in with little basil and olive oil. There is even a free shelf where people have left some goodies behind. I believe the Kitchen is the best place to meet your new friends. Yet I’m surprised after 2 years in the job that people ask me at reception where the kitchen is after 4 or 5 days in the hostel. Now to all our beloved guests: If you are planning to make a fantastic meal in the kitchen, just check with the staff at the desk. They get hungry and forgotten at times. Amazing as Thai spice is, it can get a little boring every night.

Martina J