5 Bars in Temple Bar We Would Still Recommend

5 Bars in Temple Bar We Would Still Recommend

We remember a time when Temple Bar was the heart of the city. It was a cultural heartbeat which pulsed throughout Dublin, enriching the city, its people and its tourists with the best drinks, foot-tapping music and a wide variety of choice. It was our Mecca.

You notice the use of the past tense? You see, although the idea of Temple Bar still holds true, it has become somewhat of a tourist trap now. Backpackers are on a budget, so the Temple Bar region is something that we tend to recommend staying away from. However, if you refuse to listen to us, at least listen to our advice on which bars are still worth going to…

1.     The Foggy Dew


A different slice of Dublin to start off with, The Foggy Dew boasts a clientele of a different sort. This is where to go if you are into rock music, but still enjoy the option of a nice quiet pint, or to watch some sport. All types of rock music lovers, from classical to heavy metal, are welcome here, the pints are decently priced and the atmosphere is always electric.

2.     The Garage

A small bar with a big attitude, The Garage is currently claiming to have the best pint of Guinness in the city. It’s not true, but it is damn good. This place has charm and panache oozing out of it. From their unisex bathroom and the hay covering the bar’s floor, to the chairs cut out of old oil barrels, The Garage has something for everyone. Reasonably priced pints and cocktails and a lively, if not small, dance floor. Take a look!

3.     The Porterhouse

There are three Porterhouses in Dublin, but this is by far the best of the lot. With fantastic, energetic live music almost every night, this bar is spread out over three floors with the stage almost floating between two of the floors. The Porterhouse also proudly boasts the largest selection of beer in the city, with beers coming from all over the world. The Porterhouse is also a micro-brewery, so you will find beers here that are unique to the bar. A bit on the pricey side at times, it’s still worth a few drinks.

the palace bar in temple bar - reccommended by Jacobs inn4.     The Palace

A little pub on the fringes of Temple Bar, The Palace is unique in that it is one of the few bars in Dublin that still carry on an old tradition – making its own whiskey. And, trust us, it is a very good whiskey. This bar was favoured by some of the greatest writers and poets the country has ever given to the world, and it reflects this with portraits, photographs, paintings, pieces of writing and many other assorted trinkets adorning every corner of the walls. More importantly, in our humble opinion, this bar is in the top 5 in the city for the best pint of Guinness.

5, Temple Bar

This is a controversial one, but it’s worth one pint. It will be loud, it will be the most money you spend on one pint, it will be crowded, it will be devoid of any Irish people. Still, it’s the beating heart of Dublin, and you wouldn’t want to stop a heart because that’s murder, and you’re not a murderer.

Are you…?

Kev  28/06/2013KEvin hannigan at Isaacs hostel