Our ECO Policy

The team at Isaacs Hostel is only here committed to a greener future. Listed are the initiatives we are undertaking towards helping our environment:

  •  All staff are trained on green issues and viagra online shop encouraged to contribute towards making our hostel greener. They walk, cycle or use public transport to get to viagra in india work.
  •  All plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminium cans and glass, batteries and gas cylinders are collected and recycled.
  •  We use recycled paper for all our printing needs and recycle ink and toner cartridges.
  •  We have installed motion-controlled lighting where suitable to reduce energy wastage.
  •  All showers and taps are fitted with push buttons to reduce water wastage.
  •  The boiler has been upgraded to enable us to adjust the heating and turn off heating to sections of the building as and when required.
  • We have upgraded all of nirvanaspa.co.uk our office and guest computers to those with a higher energy rating.
  • The hostel is powered by Airtricity who generate electricity using wind power – producing no emissions or by-products of any kind.
    Year to date, our power saving is on average 1600 units per statement – equivalent to canadian pharmacy levitra 4.13 c02 tonnes per year.
  • Our Green Officer attends Sustainable Tourism Conferences and training days and http://befret.com/buy-pfizer-cialis we are active in forming links with eco friendly
    partners in the tourism sector.
  • We are currently researching ‘green suppliers’ of cleaning and office products.
  • We are calculating our carbon emissions and will be off setting this.Future plans:
  • Our building is to be upgraded in 2010 and we plan to:
  • Increase window insulation to minimise heat loss
  • Install solar panels on the http://seeing-knowing.com/cheapest-viagra-prices roof