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Dublin on a Budget

Dublin on the cheap

Dublin, it pains me to admit is not one of the most budget friendly cities in Europe. But fear not! My middle name is “cheap”! I’ve both studied and worked in Dublin for most of my adult life and there are a few lessons I’ve learnt over the years that have helped me save a couple of quid here and there

“There is no such thing as just one drink”

People often talk of the myth of having simply one drink and retiring for the night, I’m here to tell you that it’s a lie. Maybe in other countries people sit down for a solitary drink, but in Ireland it’s a rarity and a fib we tell ourselves to justify venturing out for the night even though we know we can’t afford it. One turns into many in Ireland and that’s something to keep in mind when you venture out into places like Temple Bar. Due to how expensive a pint can be depending on something as simple as what side of the river you are on It’s always a wise idea to pick up some booze from a local shop. Keep in mind that every shop in Ireland is not legally allowed sell alcohol after 10 o’clock at night. Grab some bevs and chill out in the common area here at Isaacs and then proceed to paint the town any colour you damn well please

“Free is the magic number”

Dublin Bikes on a budget Free is the best price you can pay for anything. There are a few clever ways of getting something for nothing here in Dublin and one of my favourites is in Trinity College. Trinity’s “Long Room library” and it’s Book of Kells exhibit are a must see here in Dublin and at 9 euro it’s not too expensive. If you’re lucky enough to know someone studying at Trinity they can get you plus one other person into the exhibit free of charge with their student cards, pretty nifty.

Now this next one isn’t exactly free but if you are going to be spending 3 plus days in Dublin it may as well be. When you register for “Dublin Bikes” you can either pay a yearly fee of 20 euro or get a 3 day visitor ticket for just €5. After doing this you can take any of the bikes at the numerous stations around the city and as long as you have it back in a half an hour it’s totally free to rent. With most bike rental companies charging around twelve euro and only renting the bike for the entire day and not an hour at a time this is bound to save you a fortune and a lot of walking. We also offer a FREE walking tour 7 days a week from the reception here at Isaacs which includes free tea,coffee and biscuits. For a night out check out the Comedy Crunch at the Stags Head, not only a free stand-up night but they also hand out free ice cream at the break

“Eat like the Irish”

Dublin on a budget Irish Breakfast Years ago a friend of mine who was a tour guide in Dublin used to say “there is no cheap food in Dublin so don’t ask me where to find it”. This is probably one of the biggest hurdles in trying to budget whilst in Dublin. One of the best solutions to this rather frustrating problem is just five minutes from Isaacs underneath a railroad bridge on Talbot Street. Il Capo is a tiny little pizza place and happens to do one of the best deals in town, offering a small pizza, chips, dip and a drink for just five euro to takeaway .

The best way to save cash here is to eat like the Irish. You may not yet be acquainted with the full Irish breakfast but this hearty meal is the best way to start the day off and probably one of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind, but the real genius of the full Irish is that it contains so much food that this should keep you going to well into the afternoon The Pantry is just five minutes from Isaacs and does a cracking breakfast the largest of which costs ‚¬7.95 and contains more grub than you can probably handle. You might be tempted to hit up McDonalds or Burger King but the truth is that neither of these options are particularly cheap with standard meals costing close to seven or eight euro. For ten euro you could go to one of Dublin’s many pubs that serve hot food throughout the day. O’Neills (Suffolk Street) does a fish and chips that in the opinion of this foodie can’t be beaten.The sheer size of this meal means there is no shame in sharing one. If you’re still starving feel free to whip something up in the self-catering kitchen here at Isaacs. There is a whole selection of supermarkets on Talbot Street so you can shop around and stock up and feed yourself for less then a couple of euro !

Don’t let sticking to your budget stop you from enjoying your stay here and remember to ask reception for any advice about things you can do in Dublin that are free or won’t break the bank, most of us are cheapskates

P.S Remember all that stuff you forgot to pack? Well it’s all in a shop called Penneys and it’s all dirt cheap