Coastal trips near Dublin

Within a 30 – 40 minute window from our doors there are some great coastal destinations to visit. Covering a multitude of towns and we choice villages with amazing scenery, shops, and coffee shops to pass your time whilst staying in Dublin.

Coastal  walks near dublin First on my list is the quaint little village of Malahide.  A very charming and quaint village with small shops and fantastic local pubs , one in particular stands out, the Gibneys pub. There is also a nice marina coupled with a long coastal walk along the Irish Sea . This village has a trump card however, it boasts one of Dublin city’s Finest Castles. This was The Talbot family of Dublin’s original home and residence for centuries. The castle has been recently updated with a brand new tourist visiting centre. The guided tour gives you an in depth look inside a real genuine castle. The Castle gardens are magnificent and one of the oldest botanical gardens in Europe. It’s a must see when in Dublin. Word to the wise the new tourist centre has a great new Café called AVOCA that has some of the best Quiche in town, worth the trip in itself in my opinion.

How to get there:  By Dart : Take the Northbound DART in the cialis without prescription direction of Malahide, trains run approximately every 25 mins and take 30 mins to get there.

Cost to get there: Approx €6 return trip

Location: North County Dublin


Howth Harbor Dublin

Our next preferred destination is the fishing village of Howth,  this little settlement north of Dublin boasts some of the best fish and chips in Ireland. Add this to sweeping panoramic  views both north and daily cialis south of the east coast and you have yourself a nice little day trip. The Howth head has a few walking trails that pass around the head of Howth which takes around 2 hours to complete but is worth it. There is another hidden Gem within Howth , there is a nice view to no prescription viagra the west of the village from the grounds of the Deerpark culinary Institute and golf club, happy trekking!

How to get there: Take the Northbound DART in the direction of HOWTH, trains run approximately every 10 mins and take 25 mins to get there.

Cost to get there: Approx €6 return trip

Location: North County Dublin


Dalkey Dublin

Dalkey is located south of Dublin and boasts a plethora of good choice famous celebrity mansions; namely Bono, the man himself, and that of Eddie Irvine, former formula one race car driver. Anyone who is anyone has a house in Dalkey and you will see why once you get there, this coastal town has great views of the Irish sea from every angle. The shops and bars are all top notch here also..For the energetic you can take a short walk to the top of Dalkey/Killiney head  for amazing views down the coast ( they call it Dublin’s Sorrento coast )

I would suggest one thing within Dalkey that is worth doing if you are in any way of the adventurous type. There is a great bathing spot called the forty foot at sandy cove which has for many decades seen people taking the plunge into the brisk Irish sea. ..bathing clothes are generally optional :P ..Go on be brave!

How to get there: By Dart : Take the Southbound DART in the direction of Bray/Greystones, trains run approximately every 25 mins and take 35- 40 mins to get there.

Cost to get there: Approx €6 euro return trip

Location: South County Dublin